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Our market experience covers a diverse range of engineering and construction projects, chiefly in the mining sector. Each project is adjusted to best meet the client’s needs.

In order to make each project happen, we offer conceptual engineering (only when needed), permit management, detailed engineering, launching, manufacture, construction, and finally commissioning.

Our engineering and construction professionals are of the highest quality, and ensure that our clients receive optimal quality in all stages of the process.


Our Solutions


Dormitory Building

Designed with Chilean norms in mind to meet heat, earthquake, and flame resistant requirements.  Dorm-style bedrooms have thermopanel windows, heat retaining flooring, come with fully equipped interiors, private bathrooms, and are completely modular and quick to assemble.  They have cables for TV, Wi-Fi, and are energy efficient with a fire detection system.



Composed of modular buildings, these include a reception area, offices, meeting rooms, and bathrooms.  Floor designs are open to design, based on client needs.



Equipped with integrated features, the total area is over 6,000 square meters.  Our cafeterias are able to feed over 3,000 people per day while maintaining a high standard of quality.


Recreation Rooms

These facilities include gyms, a pub, movie theater, and are equipped with a wide range of entertainment so the workers can relax and disconnect from their work.