Commercial Rentals

Modular solutions
innovative, fast, and high-quality standards

We offer rentals for all types of modules, so that each unit is fully equipped for immediate use, transforming our services into solutions for our clients’ operations.

We also have a professional on site to advise our clients on issues such as lifting, positioning of modules, entry for tight access, ground conditions, and more.

Why rent with us?

We work at the forefront of innovation and technology in order to provide solutions for company operations.
We advise our clients on issues such as lifting, module positioning, entry in areas with tight access points, terrain conditions, etc.
We offer rentals of all types of accessories, so that each unit is fully equipped for immediate use.
We deliver efficient and quality services in order to fully meet the product and service expectations in each project.


Standing out with our own fleet for transportation, plus alliances with high-standard companies while we maintain the highest levels of safety in the industry.

  • Rental of modular units.
  • Module construction and assembly.
  • Module delivery and removal.
  • Sale of customized modular units.
  • Transportation, loading and unloading of modules.

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Types of standard modules
to rent

Office Pack Open T.1

Office Pack Open T.2

Office Pack Open T.3

Bathroom Pack SSHHC 40/30

Bathroom Pack SSHHC Showers

Bathroom Pack SSHHC Changing room

Mixed Bathroom

Office or Dormitory Module

Dormitory Module with Bathroom

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