A new era in
residential construction

At Promet, we combine innovation and sustainability to create projects that make a difference.

In search of diversification and support to address the housing deficit in Chile, where more than 935,000 families are homeless, we’re offering our modular construction system (3D), to ensure efficiency and quality in each project.

By promoting highly industrialized residential projects, we have developed subsidized housing projects manufactured by modular construction that are fully equipped with flexible designs, allowing us to deliver accessible and quality solutions to people facing housing shortages.

Our modular homes have spaces designed to provide comfort, functionality and well-being.

Primary benefits of
modular solutions

Reducing construction terms by up to


Improving profitability by reducing costs up to


Optimizing time reduction in the post-sales process by up to


Reducing material loss by up to


Generating during construction time less

CO2 emissions

Greater energy efficiency, generating significant savings in long-term operations

“We aim to reach 2,000 houses per year with our production plant”
G.Stagno, New Business Manager Promet.

Types of modular
residential infrastructure


Residential buildings


DS 19

Semi-detached 2 module house (52.5 m2).

DS 49

Semi-detached or detached 2 module house (55 m2).

Certifications that back our work

Promet is certified by DITEC (División Técnica de Estudio y Fomento Habitacional del Ministerio de Vivienda y Urbanismo) as an industrializing company. The housing emergency plan is a strategy developed by the Ministry in order to address the housing deficit in Chile with a sense of urgency.

“This is very important within the framework of the Emergency Housing Plan, since it incorporates item 6 in the Budget Law, which exempts industrialized housing approved by Ditec from having a permit and municipal reception, so as not to overburden the construction departments and speed up the construction and delivery process for the families.”

Giancarlo Stagno, PROMET New Business Manager.

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