About Promet

Our Company

Promet is a leading Chilean company in the engineering and construction of modular infrastructure and industrial construction & assembly. With more than 28 years of experience, we deliver tried and tested client satisfaction.

Our experience as a company has permitted us to grow, opening a subsidiary in Peru in 2010.

We watch out for the safety of our workers and the quality demanded by market standards. That’s why we are the the first Chilean engineering and modular construction company to have ISO 9001/14001 and OHSAS 18001 certification to meet safety, quality, and environmental standards on all of our projects.


Our commitment is to doing things well.

Passion for Quality

Our commitment is to meet integrated service needs for the engineering, construction, and rental of infrastructure to support the mining industry with timeliness and efficiency. We offer quality service, innovation, safety, and respect the environment and the community. At the same time, our company promises to offer opportunities for professional and personal development to the human capital.

Projecting for Success

We want to maintain our leadership in the market, developing high-quality solutions to meet our clients’ expectations while treating the environment and community with respect.
Our organization aspires to continual and sustainable growth, marked by a positive contribution to society.

Our Awards

  • Escondida Limitada Mine
    Distinguished Company in HSEC Management awarded by Segundo Consejo Superior de Seguridad
    Escondida Water Supply (EWS) Project, 2015
  • Antucoya Mine, Antofagasta Minerals
    Distinguished Company in HSEC Management
    Antucoya Project, Construction of Campment, 2014
  • El Tesoro Mine, Antofagasta Minerals
    Support in Sustainable Development
    El Tesoro Project, Hotel MET, 2014
  • Mutual Security- CCHC
    Achievement of 750 Thousand Man Hours Without Accidents (with time lost)
    Antucoya Project, Construction of Antucoya Mine Campment, Antofagasta Minerals, 2013
  • Mutual Security – CCHC
    Achievement of 1 Thousand Man Hours Without Accidents (with time lost)
    Antucoya Project, Construction of Antucoya Mine Campment, Antofagasta Minerals, 2013

PROMET stands out with its commitment to safety, sustainable development and environmental responsibility. We are always working to improve, with the goal of always being a market leader.

These awards are a reflection of the constant effort by our team and the resources we dedicate to the continuous improvement of our operations in each unit of business.

Quality of life is our priority

Because our people have been the key to our success throughout our history as a company, we take the time to make sure that our community is able to grow with the implementation of both personal and professional development.  With an average of 2,400 employees and an all-time peak of 4,000, we’ve achieved sustainable and professional growth that supports the development of high-quality products and services that we deliver to the market.  

Environmental Responsibility                         and Culture of Prevention

One of our core values is the commitment to our workers’ safety, the environment, and the community. At Promet, the workers make up the company; there is no room for doubt about the value of ‘Zero harm’ and the safe return of our workers to their homes. Leading with safety and investing in health, wellbeing, and quality, we are ever closer to our goal of ‘Zero harm.’

This conviction is reflected in client satisfaction, environmental care, and in the safety and occupational health of our personnel, and marked by the implementation and continued development of our Integrated Management System as a fundamental tool to maintain our leadership as a company in this way.