Doing our Part for Social Responsibility

As part of Chile’s National Holiday celebration, Promet wanted to celebrate by supporting social responsibility as well as providing benefits for its workers.

At our Chacabuco Plant and all our project sites, we delivered gift cards by Pro Sueños as a bonus to celebrate the season, through which a donation of between 2-10% go back to a charitable foundation of choice.

At this time Promet decided to help a non-profit foundation called “Garras y Patas”, or “Paws and Feet”, which gives a second chance at life to thousands of cats and dogs who suffer from abandonment, hunger, and illness right here in this city.

The main motivation for Promet is the double impact generated by this method of collaboration, helping both workers and “Paws and Feet” in their continued work for this community and their impact in the mentality of its citizens as they attack the serious problem of the overpopulation of abandoned pets, which brings health and sanitary as well as roadway consequences that affect us all.

In taking part in social responsibility, we are both supporting the growth of this foundation as we provide benefits to our workers.

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