Contract includes demolition works, civil and electromechanical works for two belts needing modifications, with the goal of solving the problem of area pollution and the involved process. After 3 months of of preparation, final works of the project were executed during a pause in the plant at the end of the contract. All activities concerning supply, construction, assembly, and pre-commissioning are considered and supported by our mechanical, piping, CSA (civil, concrete, and structural), electrical and instrumentation areas for the implementation of the bypass which permit the transportation of fine mineral ore from the discharge of the secondary harness above belt 2220-CV0004-C01, and the discharge above belt 2320-CV010-C01, in order to eliminate the circulation of this material to the tertiary grinder; transporting it directly to the stockpile and thus diminishing the dust emission points.

Volumes: 473.438 HH
Location: II Región, Antofagasta