Our experience in the market reflects a diverse range of engineering and construction projects, mainly in the mining industry. In each of these projects, our company’s scope adjusts to fit the needs of each client.

Among our services for full project execution, we offer Conceptual Engineering as a basic need, Permit Management, Detailed Engineering, Procurement, Fabrication, Modular Construction, and Commissioning.

With the assurance of having the best engineering and construction professionals, we commit to delivering optimal quality to our clients in all the stages of our processes.

EPC Service



Designed in accordance with Chilean standards to meet thermal, fire and seismic resistance requirements: Thermopanel windows, continuous thermowelded pvc flooring, interior equipment, private bathroom, made completely modular and for quick assembly; they have cable TV, wi-fi, are energy efficient and with fire detection systems.


Composed of modular buildings, including: reception areas, offices, meeting rooms, restrooms. As theses are free design plants, we can accommodate the needs of our customers.


Built by modular structures and buildings, housing all areas necessary to offering quality services that guarantee high levels of safety in the providing our clients food.


We have fully equipped gymnasiums, movie theaters, and changing facilities for workers to feel rested and to disconnect from their workdays.

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