Our Company

PROMET is a Chilean company and a leader in engineering and construction for modular infrastructure and industrial construction and assembly. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, with more than 30 years of experience delivering a permanent commitment to the satisfaction of our customers.

Our company’s development and experience allowed us to open an affiliate office in Peru in 2010.

We work to take care of the safety of our workers and to meet the market standards. That’s why we’re the first modular engineering and construction at the national level certified to meet ISO 9001/14001 and ISO 45001, to ensure the safety, quality, and the environmental norms of all our projects.

As an organization, we aspire to continuous and sustainable growth, standing out as a company that contributes positively the society in which we work and bringing opportunities for professional and personal growth to the whole team.

Our commitment is to do things right

Passion for Quality

Our commitment is the meet the requirements for integrated engineering, industrial modular construction services, and the rentals of support infrastructure for different industries with efficiency and promptness. We offer quality services that bring safety, confidence, and environmental respect to our projects. We work to be leaders and to provide our clients with solutions to meet their needs, while providing support to our staff in their personal and professional development.

Aiming to be the best

We believe that our values mark purpose in our daily work and our projections for the future, and that each action taken by our brand focuses on life and on the environment, from which we meet changes with innovation, flexibility, and integrity— and always oriented to the client. Our passion to be the best permits us to offer the best results.


Mutual de Seguridad – CCHC
Met 1 million MH without accidents with time lost, Antucoya Project, Camp Construction for Antucoya Mine, Antofagasta Minerals, 2013.
Mutual de Seguridad – CCHC
Met 750 million MH without accidents with time lost, Antucoya Project, Camp Construction for Antucoya Mine, Antofagasta Minerals, 2013.
El Tesoro Mine, Antofagasta Minerals
Sustainable Development Support, El Tesoro Project, MET Hotel, 2014.
Escondida Limitada Mine
Second Safety Council Stand-out Company for HSEC Project Management, Escondido Water Supply (EWS), 2015.
Mutual de Seguridad – Promet Montajes
PEC (Competitive Company Program) Certification in Excellence, Gold Certification for Mantos Blancos Joint Committee, with 7 million MH without incapacitating accidents in 2020.
Asociación de Proveedores Industriales de la Minería (APRIMIN)
Annual safety recognition for Safety in Promet Montajes 2020.
Mutual de Seguridad
5,000,000 MH without accident with time lost, 2019.
Codelco-Proyecto Mina Chuquicamata Subterránea
Company dedicated to the Integrated Management of Safety and Occupational Health, without accidents; August 2017-May 2018.


Because our people are responsible for our long history of success, we strive to contribute positively each day to our community of workers in order to integrate our team and improve opportunities, implementing programs for professional and personal growth. With a median of 2,400 collaborators and historical peaks of up to 4,000, we have achieved sustainable and professional growth which supports the high quality of products and services that we deliver to the market.

One of our core values is a commitment to the welfare of our collaborators, the environment, and to the community. As a company and the people who compose it, we have no doubts as to the value of “Zero Harm” and the safe return of our workers to their homes. By leading with safety and investing in the health, wellness and quality in what we do, we get closer and closer to our goal of “Zero Harm”.

This commitment reflects our conviction at Promet of the importance of client satisfaction, taking care of the environment, the safety and occupational health of personnel, we frame these commitments with the effective implementation and the continuous improvement of our Integrated Management System as a fundamental tool for maintaining our position as a leader in field.

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