We boast 5 of our own hotel campuses in different zones in the country, all meeting the highest industrial standards. We are able to respond to our client’s hotel needs thanks to a large stock of modular buildings, such as dormitory buildings, offices, cafeterias, and recreation rooms.

Based on the needs of the client, Promet provides hotel services, including administration, security, cleaning, supply, laundry, periodic sanitation, trash disposal, and maintenance, among other things, which allow a complete key-in-hand service to the client.

  • Hotel Coya
  • Hotel Mejillones
  • Hotel Huechún
  • Hotel Calama
  • Hotel Sierra Gorda

Our Hotels


Coya Hotel

Sleeping capacity:
Cafeteria: Feeds 6,150


Mejillones Hotel

Sleeping capacity:
Cafeteria: Feeds 6,000


Huechún Hotel

Sleeping capacity:
Cafeteria: Feeds 2,000


Calama Hotel

Sleeping capacity:
Cafeteria: Feeds 8,000.